Flatpack assembly

Furniture Assembly Solutions in London by Flat Pack Handyman

A picture may be worth a thousand words but it doesn’t seem to apply for flat pack instruction manuals. As if the IKEA assembly service is trying to teach the whole world Swedish. Not only that but sometimes it is simply impossible to put the parts together on your own.

To avoid those hard moments and even waste of your precious time – contact us for experienced furniture assemblers at Flat Pack Mates for a professional flat pack montage. We provide furniture assembly services in London at affordable price rates. Rest assured – these flat pack specialists know how to build your flat pack furniture in a safe and efficient manner. Home furniture or flat pack office furniture, we can help with all of them!

Furniture assembly in London has never been easier!

IKEA has become a paragon for furniture assembly in London but Flat Pack Handyman can do a knock-down flat pack assembly from any brand, including but not limited to: Tesco, Peter Jones, Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Homebase, Heals, Argos, Asda, Aspace, B&Q, Dwell, Furniture 123, Harveys and many more!

When can we come to assemble your new home or office furniture?
We have flexible working hours and can even come on the same day if our schedule allows it.Or any other day of the week. *Please note that charges may vary depending on the day and time!

Do we do a disassembly service for old IKEA furniture?
Yes, we do. It is a part of the delivery and assembly and is not charged additionally. But keep in mind that it takes time and we charge per hour.

Furniture assembly in London has never been easier!

Our professional furniture assembly in London comes at hour-based rates.
That is why the final cost for the flat pack assembly is different for each type of furniture,
depending on the time it takes to assemble it.
Keep in mind that some furniture can’t be assembled by one man.
Call our assistants for more information.
Day of the weekPrice* (per one furniture assembler per hour)
Monday – Sundayfrom £22
*Minimum time per appointment is 2 hours.
We charge on a half-hour basis after the second hour.
*Terms & conditions and minimum charges apply.
When we calculate the price, we also consider the area’s dimensions and the appointment time.
The prices are for areas within M25 and are subject to availability.

Flat Pack Handyman Can Offer You

We offer assembly service of IKEA furniture along with collection and delivery for a wide range of UK furniture retailers throughout London and this is simply the start!
Before you get to the assembly itself, there is another issue you are up against! Shopping for furniture in London is an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming experience. We will do it for you, whenever you plan to purchase new IKEA goods. Flat Pack Handyman has many years of experience and solid knowledge of how IKEA stores all its stock. There are so many things you could do instead of walking around long allies in search of that special IKEA product.

So you will be happy to learn we can also purchase your furniture FOR YOU and deliver it to your address from all IKEA stores in London. This way you don’t have to waste hours upon hours of roaming in a maze of aisles and shelves. We can execute small or big individual purchases or commercial ones for flat pack office furniture. Simply give us your finalised shopping list, as well as specific instructions and the ready to assemble specialists, will carry out the task with ease!

  • Pax Wardrobe White
  • Pax Wardrobe Assembly
  • Pax Wardrobe Assembly
  • Malm Bed Frame
  • Assembly Billy Bookcase

There’s More! This Service Is Not Just About Furniture!

Ready-to-assemble furniture is an affordable and elegant way to quench your thirst for interior renovation or for furnishing an office. The shopping and do-it-yourself parts might seem like difficulties at first but Flat Pack Handyman will gladly solve these problems for you. We offer you a brand experience which eliminates the nuisances associated with the purchase of new home and office furniture. For an easy reference – here are a few of the scenarios we can help you with:

  • Garden furnishings: assembly service of IKEA items has never been easier
  • Children furniture: we guarantee a sound montage for the safety of your children
  • Bedroom furniture: the perfect assembly of your IKEA bed will ensure your restful sleep
  • Kitchen and dining furniture: in a few hours, your kitchen will be assembled and on your disposal
  • Office furniture: we will put together your IKEA desks, chairs, shelves and tables in no time so you can get busy right away

Collection and Delivery

Whether you want to buy an item from Argos or flat pack furnishing from IKEA,
our furniture collection and delivery services in London are only a phone call away.
We can buy and deliver your new furniture safely to your home.
The prices include the collection and delivery of your furniture but not their assembly.
Bear in mind that this price is approximate and depends on your purchase value.
Total purchase valuePrice for item & furniture delivery service
£0 – £250£75.00
£250 – £750£95.00
£750 – £1500£155.00
£1500 – £2500£195.00
more than £2500£270.00