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Soft Close For Horus Track




The soft close for Horus track is an add-on designed for the Horus range of track systems. The Horus soft close is suitable for doors between 15-40kg, the doors will also have to have a minimum width of 600mm.    
Minimum door width: 600mmCan be used on both sides of the door
Can be retrofitted to existing Horus kits
Soft-close add-on for our Horus range of track systemsSold individually – for soft close and soft open you will require 2 per door
Door requirements
Minimum weight required per door: 15kg
Maximum weight required per door: 40kg
Please note that:

The accessories supplied in this set will work only in the original Horus track. Use of these accessories with any track, other than specified will automatically void any warranty.
In such cases, no returns will be accepted.