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Space Plus Sliding Wardrobe Track Kit




Reliable sliding door system for wardrobe to achieve astonishing wardrobe design with doors running from top to bottom with no pelmets or covers. Creates a floating sliding wardrobe door effect.
Easy to follow video installation
Max panel thickness: 50mm
4mm adjustment top/bottom
Quiet and easy movement
Maximum individual door weight: 85kg
Aluminium tracks can be easily cut to the required length
Optional soft-close (available in related products below)Optional additional tracks for a bigger openingFor a configuration with more than 3 doors – please contact us for a quoteTracks can be joined togetherTracks can easily be cut
Contents of a complete set:
1 x aluminium top track
1 x aluminium bottom track
Front top/bottom carriages
Back top/bottom carriagesScrews are not included
Available extras (in related products below):
Additional tracksSoft-close pistons
Accessories for additional door