Enjoy a safe Repair Services service, with wires neatly tucked away

Is your tap dripping? Or one of the blind slats just got broken? Let us restore all to working order

From small leaks and DIY disasters to furniture repairs and full property maintenance – EB Handyman will handle it all with diligence. We’ll send a multi-skilled repairman to your residential or commercial property so you save the time and money you’ll waste on looking and paying for a separate electrician or plumber.

Efficient multi-skilled repairmen to patch up, replace or amend anything

Save yourself the stress of looking for different tradesmen to handle your property maintenance. EB Handyman has the experienced and skilled pros in one place.

DIY project went wrong?

Do-it-yourself projects sound great on paper but don’t always look or work great. You can save yourself the time and anxiety of trying to fix it – your EB Handyman is just a few clicks away.

A combination of tools and skills

Each expert is equipped with a range of manual and power tools to handle anything from broken furniture, and leaky taps, to scratched wallpaper and replacement of fixtures. Combined with the years of experience, and skills, your handyman can tackle any repair job and offer you some useful advice as well.

All materials and parts can be provided

In case your job requires any extra parts or materials, we can find, purchase, and supply them. Keep in mind these count as additional costs.

Qualified and insured for your safety

You can also rely on us for the more advanced jobs such as rewiring or lighting faults repair. These jobs are handled by an experienced electrician. Your home is in safe hands as the professionals we send are careful and diligent. Also, they carry public liability insurance so nothing can go wrong.

Quick & easy online booking

Sometimes you might need immediate help from an expert. No need to dial a phone, you can just make an appointment in no time by using our online booking form. Also, with the mobile application you can book other services for your place such as cleaning, gardening, removals, pest control, and many more!

EB Carpenter Handyman offers a range of repair services to enhance your home and address those minor tasks. Whether it’s fixing a wobbly chair or repairing a damaged table, EB Carpenter Handyman can handle various furniture repair tasks. Their skilled carpenters ensure that your furniture looks and functions flawlessly. We provide local repairman in North London who can easily fix all of your issues.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Guaranteed results.

2. Superior quality parts and equipment’s.

3. Cost-effective.

4. Our repairman will carry the complete tool kit.

5. Experienced and professional repairman.

6. On-time servicing.

7. Hassle-free experience.

8. Utmost satisfaction

Frequently asked questions

Q: If the gadget is not working properly, but I am unable to find the issue. Will my repairman be able to identify the issue and then fix it?

You need not to worry, if you are not able to catch the issue. Our repairman will find what the fault is and what needs to be repaired. We have the team of most experienced and skilled repairman. Even he can help you with the tips to prevent the occurrence of the same issue.

Q: How much time will it take to fix the minor issues?

Generally, it takes 1-2 hours for fixing the minor issues. Rest it depends on the number of appliances or the gadgets that needs to be repaired.

Q: Is it possible that after fixing the issue, you can install the appliance again?

Yes, if the appliance first needs to be fixed and then it requires the installation, then it can be done. Just make sure, that you mention it beforehand at the time of placing the request for the service.

Q: What is the best time to book the appointment?

We are open throughout the year. You can place the request as per your availability. Same day requests can also be placed if the issues are minor.

What our Client Says

Impeccable service and workmanship

I am absolutely thrilled with the level of service I received.
From my first phone call to a perfectly completed job – all in 24 hours.
An exceptional level of service and a pleasure to deal with.

Chris H

I had a good experience using upper street handyman.
Two guys came to do the job, professional and courteous. The job took less time
than I expected and you do need to pay the minimum 1 hour charge.


Just had some work done by Flatpack-Handyman.

I found from start to finish that they couldn’t do enough for me.
I cant say enough good things about this company.
The guys they sent over were all so polite & the work they did was excellent.
I would definitely use them again.


We recently used flatpack-handyman for some carpentry work on our front entrance.
The team did a great job and were on time and budget.

Carpentry work

Great service

Great service, no issues, very professional and hard working


Painting and decorating

What a meticulous and great paint job. And you met the deadline!
Thanks so much. It was a pleasure having you in the house.


Carpenters were great with my claim

Carpenters were great with my claim, keeping me updated regularly and managed to get
the best pay out for my claim, and quickly.


Carpenters were great with my claim

Fantastic and professional service
Supported and updated


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