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Draught Excluder Brush Piles In Packs

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Remember, these draught excluder brush piles help maintain a comfortable indoor environment by keeping cold air out and warmth in. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy a cosier home.
Easy to cutPerfect for doorsPile height: 4/12 mmBacking width: 4.8/6.9 mmUV and light-resistantIdeal for roll-up blindsMore rigid and a tighter sealPrevents sliding doors from slammingNot affected by temperature or waterSuperb quality self-adhesive acrylic backingPreventing dust collection between sliding doors
Available in 3 different colours: white, beige or grey
Works perfectly with sliding doors with a sealing ability

The centre of the brush contains monofilament polypropylene yarns
Please be aware that:
Sold by packs: 5.5m (6.9 x 12)11m (4.8 x 4)